‘The Last Of Us Part I’ Launch Trailer Sure Looks Like ‘Part II’

The Last of Us


We are just a short ways off from the launch of The Last of Us Part I on PS5, the remake that has been the focus of much controversy, and everyone will get to experience it for themselves on September 2. If they pay $70, that is.

The price has been a pain point for some players, considering the game is nine years old and has already been remastered once. But as a full remake “from the ground up,” Sony wants to demonstrate that this is worth paying $10 more than you paid for the original, that what you’re getting warrants full price.

A new launch trailer shows just how close The Last of Us Part I has gotten to the visuals of Part II through this remake. It’s not all the way there, obviously, but it does look great, and now that we’re seeing it in motion, I don’t think the complaints about changing the look of Joel or Ellie a bit for the remake really hold water. They look and feel like normal Joel and Ellie to me, from what I can see here.

Naughty Dog and Sony are currently going through a bit of a Last of Us renaissance. While no, a Part III is not anywhere close to getting here, nor is its existence even confirmed, we have this new remake, we have the hugely high profile HBO live-action series adaptation coming, and then we have The Last of Us Factions, the multiplayer, standalone project based off Part II, set in a different location with its own storyline, coming eventually. Supposedly that will be here some time in late 2023, but who knows with the way video game schedules work.

The timing of all this seems on point. This is a very, very light fall, so releasing the remake now is not likely to get overshadowed by a flood of big projects like you might see in a normal year. Additionally, it does stand to reason that the HBO series in early 2023 is going to spark a ton of interest in the game, and well, there you go, there’s the remade version of it you can play if you so choose. As I’ve mentioned previously, HBO is treating its Last of Us adaptation like a flagship offering, meaning they are probably invested in multiple seasons (it’s unclear if the whole first game is finished in season 1), and they’re treating it with as much prestige as they have even House of the Dragon or Succession. They and Sony want it to become a cross-media hit in a way we almost never see for video game adaptations.



The ones that have worked are animated projects, or animation/live-action splits like the Sonic movies, Castlevania and Arcane, but getting The Last of Us to work on HBO as a prestige, fully live-action series? That’s something you almost never see. Just ask the recent Resident Evil on Netflix or Halo on Paramount.

Sure, I think you can dispute the $70 price point of the remake here, but die-hard fans were always going to pay that, and if it’s too much for you, you can wait for a sale or until they put it in a PS Plus tier a while from now, which is bound to happen eventually. I’m not sure yet if I’ll go back, but I have to say it’s tempting.

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